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The Best Type of Gas Boilers

High efficiency gas boilers are an excellent choice if you are in search of a new boiler solution; they are relatively cheap, easy to install and service as well as highly reliable. Thousands of people per year have gas boilers installed in their homes to cater for their central heating and hot water needs. This makes these types of boilers to remain a popular choice in the USA.

Every home has a unique space which means that not one size can fit in all the homes, not forgetting the fact that every household has separate needs when it comes to their boiler usage. Luckily, there are a few types of the gas boilers that you can choose from to suit your available space.

Combination Gas Boilers
Combi boilers are the best option for small households where space is a premium. They do not require the use of hot water storage tank as they can heat up water on demand. Absence of the hot water storage tanks creates more space in small households which means other things have space too. Although these boilers can supply water to the taps, central heating system and showers, overusing them may affect the heat of the water due to their limited capacity. This makes them unsuitable for larger households.
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The Open Vent Boilers
The open vent boiler system relies on two different water tanks: a hot water storage tank and a cold water storage tank. There are separate tanks for the hot water and the radiators which ensures enough water supply to a large building and that hot water gets to multiple showers at once. The open vent boiler system needs a lot of space because of the number of tanks it requires to sufficiently supply water. It is however suitable for larger households where warm water is required by multiple users or outlets at the same time. It is also suitable for commercial properties such as hotels.
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The System Gas Boilers
This type of boiler system does not require the additional cold water storage tank, so they take up lesser space than the open vent system. These systems, however, do use a hot water storage tank which means that they do not save much space as the combination boilers. However, this type of boiler system is much better than the combination boiler if there are multiple bathrooms in the property or many users that require hot water at the same time.

When it comes to purchasing a gas boiler, ensure that you consider its energy efficiency. Energy efficient boilers reduce carbon emission and also help you conserving the energy bills.