Mar 14

Tailoring Your Diet to Fit Your Dieting Style

So many different factors can affect whether or not a person is successful when dieting. It doesn’t work to try a one-size-fits-all diet. Research studies have shown that the best program for weight-loss is the one that you can stick to. This means you don’t have to go low-carb or low-fat or give up all your favorite foods. The key is to figure out what program will work best given your particular eating and dieting style.

Dieting Style

The first thing to consider is whether you tend to be better able to stick to a weight-loss program if it involves gradually making small changes or going all in and making major changes. Keep in mind that dieting shouldn’t be considered a short-term thing. Whatever changes you make should be permanent in order to help maintain that weight loss. This means if you start limiting sugar and refined grains and eating more vegetables and whole grains, you should keep this up even when you reach your weight loss goal.

Picky Eating

The next consideration is how open a person is to different types of food. Picky eaters will have a harder time with dieting because may limit their food options even more. Being open to new foods can make dieting a bit easier.

Eating Style

Some people can get by eating three larger meals and not snacking at all, while others prefer to eat smaller meals and have a snack or two throughout the day. Make sure to choose a weight-loss program that suits this eating style or you may not stick with it long enough to reach your goals.

Adding Exercise

Understanding how you prefer to get your exercise can be a big help, as this added calorie burn will help speed up weight loss and help you maintain any weight you manage to lose. Consider whether you prefer to exercise by yourself or with friends and then make a plan to amp up your workouts.

Energy Level

Finally, your typical energy level will have an effect on your weight loss. Those who don’t have a lot of energy may find it harder to get the 60 to 90 minutes of exercise most days of the week that is recommended for optimal weight loss. Consider getting more sleep if it will help your energy level, or finding some other way to help motivate you to exercise even when you’re lacking energy.